A Brief Look Into Cochlear Implants

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One blog post isn’t enough to explain all the complexities of life with bilateral cochlear implants, but it can act as an introduction. Cochlear implants are devices in which people experiencing severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss can use to regain some hearing. They consist of two main parts. The receiver is surgically implanted underneath the skin behind the ear and stimulates the auditory nerve with a series of electrodes. The transmitter is the exterior piece. It has the microphone and speech processor, so it picks up sounds and sends them to the transmitter.  The two communicate through magnets which connect through the skin.

That’s the basic science behind cochlear implants. I currently have two, one for each ear. My implants are something I have to think about constantly. I have to make sure my batteries are charged, that I’m looking at people when they speak to me, that I’m aware of my surroundings in case I miss something, and so on. My daily life is different because it has to revolve around my implants because I rely on them to communicate. Even my alarm clock is different- it vibrates my mattress to wake me up in the mornings.

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