Are you eligible for the FCC’s emergency internet discount program?

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More help is coming soon for the millions of Americans struggling to afford high-speed internet at home, which has become essential for school, work and many other areas of life during the pandemic. Congress’ December Covid-19 relief bill included $3.2 billion to help low-income Americans pay for broadband service, as the country continues its push toward recovery from the health and economic crisis.

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission officially established the Emergency Broadband Benefit program, which will make use of those funds. The program will provide discounts of up to $50 a month, or $75 on Tribal lands, for broadband service for low-income households.

It also includes a one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, desktop computer or tablet purchased from certain providers, which are yet to be named but are likely to include major wireless network operators, among others.

Registration for consumers are expected to begin next month. Here’s how to know if you’re eligible.

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