3D-printed Braille dice

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The DOTSRPG Project started with a few friends looking to improve accessibility in tabletop gaming. From their Patreon:

While DOTS started with a focus on accessibility for those who are fully blind, we have since branched out to start addressing many different topics. Once we became known for the work we were doing for the visually impaired, people with other disabilities started to reach out and ask for help. Now, we’re working on educating ourselves so we can better cater to those who have problems with low vision, color blindness, limited hearing, limited mobility, reading comprehension, mental illness, and whatever other things people may need. We are happy to take the time to learn whatever we can so we can work towards improving accessibility in gaming for all individuals. 

Some their recent DOTS Gear projects include a collection of 3D-printer designs for Braille Polyhedral and Fate dice

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