How to Remotely Support Students Who Learn Differently

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A new distance learning toolkit offers best practices and advice to support students who learn differently.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities recently partnered with Understood to release a  distance learning toolkit for educators to support students who learn differently during the pandemic. 

The need for such a toolkit is clear. One in five students learn differently, and there is evidence that students who struggle academically or utilize individualized support in school are more likely to fall behind during distance learning. 

The toolkit builds on the lessons of a 2019 report Forward Together: Helping Educators Unlock the Power of Students Who Learn Differently

“We felt like in the current context of Covid, there were new considerations we wanted to bring to light,” says Meghan Whittaker, a contributor to the toolkit and the director of Policy & Advocacy for the National Center for Learning Disabilities. 

The 2019 guidance identified three mindsets and eight practices that can help educators support all students. Whittaker says there are many ways to apply these mindsets and practices to distance learning. 

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