Ohio unveils $50M program to buy back nursing home beds, shrink system

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ngd- While I am no fan of nursing homes, the homes tend to collapse all at once as the owners try to extract every last bit of possible wealth from them. This would spread out the curve of facility collapse, both in specific facilities and in chains…

A new proposal by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) would encourage nursing homes to voluntarily downsize by participating in a bed buy-back program. 

State officials unveiled the $50 million program as part of an overall two-year budget proposal released by DeWine earlier this week. The idea is a nursing home reform initiative in response to the underutilization of licensed nursing home beds in Ohio, according to the state.

The state fund would be used to buy back licensed nursing home beds from providers in appropriate regions, the Dayton Daily News first reported. The hope is that the initiative will encourage facilities to shrink, move to single-patient rooms and “remove the costly excess unused beds from the system,” a fact sheet explained.

“As Ohioans demand more community-based care options, this initiative will help rebalance the services available and improve the quality of care for all Ohioans, regardless of setting,” the fact sheet noted.

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