Perspectives On Suicide

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You are invited to a virtual conversation about suicide on February 16, 2021, at 7:00 PM. This event is hosted by the Mental Health Association in Michigan and facilitated by MHAM President & CEO, Marianne Huff, LMSW. The panel will include Founder & Executive Director of Six Feet Over, Katie Hardy and mental health advocates Andy Wright and Amelia Lehto.

This webinar will focus on open discussions about suicide, including what to look for if you are concerned for someone. Also to be discussed are the disparities in the way suicide is viewed by the larger society, environmentally, politically and collectively, depending upon the “who” is taking his/her own life. One disparity we will focus on is the reality of those who are below the poverty line and have mental health conditions and why they are less likely to receive mental health treatment and care.

Please join us! 

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