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Access a transcript of the film LISTEN here.

Press Releases

22 Nov 2020:  CommunicationFIRST Statement on the Film “Music”

3 Feb 2021:  Disability Organizations: MUSIC is Dangerous

12 Feb 2021:  Statement: MUSIC Reinforces Dangerous Stereotypes, Practices

LISTEN To Us Toolkit

CommunicationFIRST, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, and the Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint created this LISTEN to Us resource toolkit for members of the media and general public with information and resources on:

    • The short LISTEN: A short film made by and with nonspeaking autistic people
    • Some ways to support nonspeaking autistic people
    • A style guide for writing and talking about nonspeaking autistic people
    • Points of contact to arrange media interviews with autistic people and victims of restraint
    • Resources to learn more about the lived experiences of nonspeaking autistic people
    • Disability representation in the media
    • Movies that have featured or involved nonspeaking autistic people in their production
    • Augmentative and alternative communication
    • Meltdowns
    • How to support someone having a meltdown
    • Trauma-informed practices
    • Restraint

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