5 Things Nobody Dares Tell You About Getting Sober

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There’s no way I would have managed to quit drinking if I’d known what it entailed in the short term. But if I’d known how it would look long term, I would have been inspired to keep going. Staying sober day after day requires faith, that in spite of the struggle, it’s going to be worth it.

We don’t all have the same burdens, psychological profiles and traumatic histories, but I can’t help but believe dealing with alcohol addiction (and the trauma underneath) is only going to lighten your load.

The only way you’ll truly know if your life would be better sober is if you try it. But you have to give it at least a couple of years — okay, maybe four — before you can tell how it will feel. Trust me, it takes months to get clarity. Years before you remember how to enjoy the peace of a life without extremes.

But in the spirit of transparency here are some of the parts people don’t dare tell you, about what it’s really like to get sober, in case they put you off.

1. In a year, your life will likely look entirely different

2. You will never have fun in quite the same way again

3. You are about to do a crash course in growing the fuck up

4. Many of your dreams are delusional (because you’ve been so drunk)

5. You will have to do a lot of work on yourself to be able to live in the world without a drink

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