Sobriety Advice That Is Absolutely Wrong

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These three common sayings do more harm than good.

I stopped drinking four years ago. Since then, I’ve received a plethora of advice on avoiding relapse and building a healthy, sober life.

I’ve always tried to be open to any new advice that I hear. One of the keys to my sobriety has been to accept that I don’t have all the answers. The more I can learn from my fellow addicts, the more likely I am to stay sober.

The vast majority of the advice that I’ve received has been helpful. Some of it has literally saved me from relapse — for example, the classic pithy saying to “take one day at a time.”

However, that doesn’t mean that I accept all suggestions blindly. Occasionally I’ve heard advice that is questionable, or even potentially harmful. I believe that it’s important to think critically about any new advice I hear, to make sure I don’t end up doing more harm to my sobriety than good.

Below are three pieces of advice that I’ve heard that I absolutely disagree with. If I had blindly believed them, I think I’d likely be in relapse now, rather than celebrating four years of sobriety.

“If you don’t remember your last drunk, you haven’t had it.”

“You need to hit rock bottom.”

“If you leave this program, you will die, go insane, or go to jail.”

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