For 92 years my father buried his feelings. Then he started Zooming.

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My 92-year-old father lives in isolation, eagerly awaiting his vaccine. Like many people who reside alone, he’s had a rough time during the pandemic. He’s lucky to be in a retirement complex that, unlike most, has escaped the direct ravages of covid-19. But for a man who had already lost his wife, a daughter, two siblings and scores of friends, the pandemic added the crushing loss of flesh-and-blood contact with those who remain. Yet, partly thanks to technology, he may emerge from this strange time with a few closer relationships, and that includes the one with me.

We Zoom at least weekly. I discovered that Dad, who can get antsy after a few minutes when he sees us in person, is calmer on video, less distracted and fidgety. He doesn’t have to worry about entertaining us, as he does when we fly halfway across country to visit, or feel bad about getting tired when we’ve come all the way to Denver from San Francisco. Because our visit is scheduled and timed, he also doesn’t fret that we will disrupt his smooth daily routine. He can just relax. While many of us who work from home complain of constant Zoom fatigue, we take for granted how technology has helped us communicate during this pandemic. In some cases, surprisingly, it has allowed us more intimacy.

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