Why Biden Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

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The new president of the United States has never had a beer.

Teetotaler Presidents

Drinking alcohol is often considered the norm, however abstinence is far more common than many people realize: in America, nearly half of adults haven’t had a single drink in the past month. In fact, even our new president, Joe Biden, doesn’t drink.

According to the New York Times, Biden has never had an alcoholic drink in his entire life. We’re just two decades into the 21st century, yet it’s already the third time that America has elected a president who completely abstains from alcohol.

Teetotaling presidents have become the standard. Barack Obama — who famously brewed the first White House beer — is the only exception since Bill Clinton.

George W. Bush started out his adult life as a drinker, but got sober in 1986, 15 years before becoming president. Although he doesn’t consider himself to have been an alcoholic, Bush quit drinking because of his personal negative experiences with alcohol, including a DUI.

In stark contrast, Donald Trump and Joe Biden have both abstained from alcohol for their entire lives. They didn’t choose to get sober — they just never started drinking in the first place.

Biden hasn’t spoken much about his reasons for not trying alcohol, aside from to say: “There are enough alcoholics in my family.” (Source). Biden grew up with an uncle with severe alcoholism, and his son also suffers from addiction.

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