Updated: 25 Common Nursing Home Problems—How to Resolve Them

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Beware: these 25 problems occur across the country. They happen in cities, suburbs, and rural
communities. They also happen both in “good” and “bad” nursing homes. Even the better nursing
homes tend to follow standard procedures that violate federal law and harm residents.

The best way to receive high quality care is to settle for nothing else, each and every day. This
guide gives you the tools to do exactly that.

This guide is an updated and expanded version of 20 Common Nursing Home Problems – and
How to Resolve Them, which was written with financial support from the Commonwealth Fund. This
revision, like the original edition, introduces each common problem by identifying a false statement
commonly made by nursing home staff, along with a clear statement of the relevant law.

This new edition addresses additional problems, discusses issues in more detail, and includes
recent revisions to federal regulations and guidance.

This edition emphasizes strategies to prevent evictions, as described in the discussion of Problems #7 through #14.

Whether you are a nursing home resident, a family member, or a supportive friend, this guide
gives you the tools you need to identify and then resolve the problems that residents most
frequently face. Your determined advocacy can be the difference between going-through-the- motions, nursing, home care, and the high quality, person-centered care that residents are promised
by federal law.

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