Rob Lowe’s Advice on Sobriety

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Actor Rob Lowe has a warning about what it takes to quit drinking.

Rob Lowe has spent over half of his life sober. After an infamously hard-partying youth, he quit drinking in 1990 — when he was just 26 years old — and has stayed alcohol-free ever since.

Lowe has also become an outspoken advocate for his fellow recovering addicts. In addition to working privately to help teenage addicts and their families, he is also incredibly open about his addiction during public interviews.

Last week, on The Today Show’s Sunday Sitdown, Lowe talked about his sobriety with the host, Willie Geist. When asked how he had successfully survived after his early struggles, he credited “recovery, sobriety, therapy, [… and] hard work.”

However, Lowe also had a warning: “You have to want to do it. […] Unfortunately, no one can get healthy for their job, or for their relationship, or because of their court case, or because of mom or dad or sister or brother. They can only do it when they want to do it.”

As a recovering addict, I completely agree with this point. External motivators like work and family might add to our inspiration to get sober, but they will never be enough to get us to actually quit. Ultimately, my getting sober required a strong, internal desire.

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