I’m Not Dying For a Drink

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A person in a coma has to be fed. They don’t wake up  to eat and then go back to sleep. These people are usually fitted with a feeding tube, and the giving of nutrition becomes a medical aspect of their care. 
Formula is used for nutrition. The “drink” is this formula. Patients don’t drink it at all. Rather, it is personally delivered by a  feeding-tube. A person dies without food. The formula has all the nutrients of food. If given the formula, a patient who cannot eat will live, usually. Other medical problems may occur, but feeding tubes are meant to avoid starvation.

My formula happens to be Ensure. It is sold at the local grocery store. In an emergency I could get some. The containers look different on the outside, but that is marketing. I get the wholesale medical cartons from a supplier, not the fancy bottles sold in stores. Marketing now has all kinds and flavors, but I take the good, ol’ original. Going back in history, it may have been the original formula.

If I purchase, then I try to find coffee flavored.I bought this on-line.

“Bleh,” is all I can say about the unflavored formula given at one hospital. I get “You can taste?” Yes, I can taste, and tasting unflavored feeding placed directly in the stomach is not instant. I have reflux. I’ll instantly taste it if it comes back up. It’s usually vomit by then. Tasting unflavored formula and barf is not pleasant.
Recently I saw a science video talking about holes in the body. I guess if you rub a raw, cut clove of garlic on the sole of your foot, you taste garlic an hour later. In the same way, give me coffee flavor Ensure and I taste  cheesecake an hour later. I assume digestion has something to do with the flavor.

I use a feeding pole.

The formula has to make it’s way into the body. This is how it becomes a medical procedure. 
The feeding tube is a port into the body through the stomach. Likewise, an IV is a port into the body through a vein. There also is special tubing and usually a bag to hold the substance. These are medical supplies and not food.
Sometimes there is a pump. I do not have one. I have a Feeding/IV Pole, and natural gravity becomes the driving force of moving the formula. There Is No Pump!

Learning to Taste

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