Health Conditions Linked to Alcoholic Liver Damage

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As a former nurse and recovering alcoholic, I’m amazed to learn how many health issues are connected to a struggling liver. Before I quit drinking, I had a few health conditions that were problematic and mysterious. I had a lot of nerve pain, problems with my balance, digestive issues, a puffy face, and anemia. I had no idea they were linked to a liver trying to do its job while filtering out all the alcohol I drank.

You’d think (being a nurse) that I would have known what was happening to me. Unfortunately, the liver is highly confusing, and the symptoms of damage overlap with other issues.

Also, the denial inherent in alcoholism means that we don’t often let our doctors know about our drinking. Even after I got sober, I still didn’t understand. But then, my own father died from alcoholic cirrhosis, and I became passionate about learning and teaching about alcohol and liver issues.

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