Similarity in functional brain connectivity at rest predicts interpersonal closeness in the social network of an entire village

By Ryan Hyon, Yoosik Youm, Junsol Kim, Jeanyung Chey, Seyul Kwak, and Carolyn Parkinson: For Complete Post, Click Here…

In what ways are we similar to our friends?

Here, we characterized the social network of residents of a remote village, a subset of whom contributed personality and neuroimaging data. We demonstrate that similarity in individuals’ resting-state functional connectomes predicts individuals’ proximity in their real-world social network, even when controlling for demographic characteristics and self-reported personality traits.

Our results suggest that patterns of functional brain activity during rest encode latent similarities (e.g., in terms of how people think and behave) that are associated with friendship.

Taken together, integrating neuroimaging and social network analysis can offer novel insights into how the brain shapes or is shaped by the social networks that it inhabits.

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