Can You Hear Me Now?

By Todd Stabelfeldt: For Complete Post, Click Here…

Because I have so many things I can’t physically do, I’m thankful that I’ve got my hearing and voice to help me out and fully embrace both to maximize my productivity and independence. Being heard is important to everyone, but, as a high quad, my life can depend on my ability to make my needs known. So, it’s the practical “staying alive” aspects that drive me to secure the most effective microphones, speakers and headset for my needs.

Much like the way I set up my home and work computers (see Todd Against the Machine, October 2020), I break my audio setup into two modes: the mobile and the fixed. When I’m on the go, I’m all about the headset. I want something that’s elegant, professional and functional that flawlessly handles my calls and lets me easily control Siri and Dragon Anywhere. But when I’m sitting in front of my workstation, performance trumps elegance. I need the most accurate dictation and highest reliability. And honestly, there’s nothing better than vibrating bass blasting from my subwoofer.

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