5 Tips for Coming Back from Your Manic Episode

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I’d missed two flights that morning. The first one I slept through after having fallen asleep at 4 a.m. The second one I barely missed. My solution was to book a first class ticket for later that day, burning through yet another credit card I didn’t need. By that time I was over $20,000 in credit card debt, heading to Los Angeles to meet a tarot reader I saw in a book I purchased back in New Orleans, days before.

Once we landed in L.A., I disabled airplane mode, only to find my inbox full of messages from people I love telling me to “slow down” or telling me how worried they were about me. For some, it was the reckless, public way I quit my job. For others, it was random Twitter rants, arguments with strangers, or having left behind every single responsibility in Maryland. Later, I’d learn that people thought I was experiencing an early onset middle life crisis. It wasn’t. I was smack dab in the middle of my first manic episode and things were getting worse and worse.

It’s been two years since mania hit, and I’ve learned so much in the wake of it. I believe part of my life’s purpose now is to share my story so others living with bipolar disorder feel less alone.

Here are five tips I learned along the way that can help you in coming back from your manic episode:

1. Know that you are not your disorder.

2. Take ownership of your actions.

3. Take all the time you need.

4. Develop an all-heck-breaks-loose plan.

5. Try a support group.

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