SSDI, SSI and stimulus checks: All about the second payment, make-up claims and more

By Alison DeNisco Rayome, Shelby Brown: For Complete Post, Click Here…

If you’re receiving payments through the SSDI or SSI program, there’s a lot to understand about the second stimulus checks, and how to make a claim for last year’s payment, too. We’ve got the details.

If you’re part of the Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance programs, otherwise known as SSI or SSDI, you’re most likely eligible to receive a second stimulus check. The IRS and Treasury have already begun sending the new stimulus payments for up to $600 per person through direct depositpaper check and EIP card — here’s how to estimate your second stimulus check total and how to know which stimulus payment group you’re in.

Is there any chance of a raise to $2,000 apiece per check? The answer, as of Jan. 1, is no. The Senate, in its waning hours of the session — the new Congress is sworn in Sunday — did not vote on any new bill to replace the $600 stimulus check with a $2,000 sum. There’s still a chance that a third stimulus check will happen in early 2021, along with other provisions in a larger stimulus bill.

But until that discussion, here’s what you should know about how SSI and SSDI affect the second stimulus check.

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