Hulu’s New Disability Representation Collection Puts the Spotlight on Actors with Disabilities

By Lauren Appelbaum: For Entire Post, Go Here…

In celebration of International Day of People with Disabilities, Hulu has launched a new content collection celebrating disability representation with 34 television series and films including new Hulu Originals thriller Run, film I am Greta and TV series Ramy, as well as shows like Freeform’s Everything’s Gonna Be Okay and NBC’s Speechless.

The featured content is representative of both visible disabilities including those who use wheelchairs and are Deaf as well as nonvisible disabilities including mental health conditions.

A promo for the new collection showcases various actors with disabilities including Steve Way (Ramy), Kayla Crommer (Everything’s Gonna Be Okay), Kiera Allen (Run), Amy Purdy (Defining Moments) and Gavin McHugh (9-1-1). The audio track, which was recorded by a disabled woman, shares an important message: “When we say we want an inclusive world, we mean an accessible one for everyone by everyone.” In addition, there is an audio-described version of this promo available for people who are unable to view the images on the screen. Hulu also marked this day by highlighting some of the content on Twitter.

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