Announcing “Access,” a Short Film About Accessibility

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ngd-a great little piece of accessibility reality…

Today I released Access, my short documentary about accessibility. It follows Cory Joseph through a typical day, showing how he uses his smartphone, Braille display, tactile watch, and guide dog (named Vine) to navigate the world. I hope you watch it, and I hope it inspires you to make your work more accessible to more people.

I started work on this film in 2015. Yeah, it’s 2019 as I write this. I took my time.

Here’s what happened, short version: I met with a bunch of experts and interviewed them about accessibility in 2015. I wanted to understand the topic deeply, so I collected dozens of hours of footage. I tried to tease apart the related concepts of “accessibility,” “usability,” and “universal design,” and explored the technical effects of these ideas on people who made apps.

I put together a 30-minute cut featuring these interviews and showed it at a conference for accessibility professionals. While the feedback was pretty positive, it was also clear: I had accidentally made a film about accessibility professionals, rather than a film about accessibility itself and the people who benefit from it. Oops.

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