Supporting Rural Health and Human Services: Celebrating National Rural Health Day November 19, 2020

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On November 19th, 2020, America will celebrate the tenth anniversary of National Rural Health Day. In recognition of this milestone, the Administration for Community Living reiterates our commitment to the health and human services provided by the aging and disability networks across all rural communities. The efforts of the networks fulfill the guiding principle that older adults and people with disabilities should be able to fully participate in their communities and enjoy the blessing of health and well-being.

Each unit within ACL supports health and human services through information delivery, providing resources, and conducting research. These services center around ACL’s five pillars: (1) Connecting people to resources; (2) Protecting rights and preventing abuse; (3) Supporting families and caregivers; (4) Strengthening the aging and disability service networks; and (5) Expanding employment opportunities for the people we serve.

A central theme that runs through each of these pillars is that well-being starts in our homes, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities – including rural communities. The goal of full participation by older adults and people with disabilities in rural communities will help every state and our nation become stronger, more diversified, and more successful. ACL supports this goals through a number of policies and programs that we will briefly describe.

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