The Arc November 13, 2020 Government Affairs Update

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House Bill 6324 – Discrimination in Organ Transplants
The House companion bill to Senate Bill 1201, was introduced in the House by House Democrat Leader Christine Greig on November 10. House Bill 6324 would prohibit a person who performs an organ transplant from refusing to transplant an organ in a recipient who is physically or mentally disabled based solely on the transplant recipient’s physical or mental disability.
The bill was referred to the House Health Policy Committee. No hearings have been held. The Arc supports.
House Bill 5836 – Language Acquisition Assessment Tools
On Wednesday, November 4, the Michigan House passed House Bill 5836, which would require the Michigan Department of Education to develop and provide resources, tools and assessments for parents and educators to use in assessing and assisting children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The legislation would also create an advisory committee and require a report.
The legislation was referred to the Senate Education Committee.
Senate Bill 41 — Mental Health Training for Teachers
Introduced by Senator Sylvia Santana, this legislation would require mental health first aid training as a component of teacher’s continuing education and professional development.
The legislation saw a hearing on November 12 in the Senate Education and Career Readiness Committee.
House Bill 5615 – Reporting Recipient Deaths
Introduced by Representative Green, House Bill 5615 would require psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric units to report on recipient deaths to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) within a specified timeframe.
The legislation saw a hearing in the House Health Policy Committee on November 10; however, no vote has been held. The Arc supports.

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