Maps of Disability and Veterans

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The maps below explore the American Community Survey 5-year data (Table S1810) on disability estimates . The ACS asks a set of disability indicator questions to determine disability. If a respondent can answer “yes” to any disability question they are classified as having a disability. The data below are for ages 18 and over.


Disability in America: Veterans with Disabilities (2017)

Map of the US showing the rate of veterans 18+ with disabilities by county. Full text description on Veterans map page.
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This map of the United States shows disability rates among veterans by county. Rates are broken into four categories: 0.0 to 27.8%, 27.9 to 32.4%, 32.5 to 38.1%, and 38.2 to 100.0%.

Disability rates tend to be more higher (38.2 to 100.0%) among veterans along the borders of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia. There are also some concentrated pockets of higher rates in New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Oregon, Maine and Puerto Rico.

Rates tend to be lower (0.0 to 27.8%) among veterans across New England and the Middle Atlantic coast, as well as parts of the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountain West.

To browse or download the data used to make this map, use our Disability Data Lookup Tool.

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