American Airlines Policy Effectively Bans Power Wheelchair Users From Flying to 130 U.S. Airports

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ngd- Just another reason to never fly with American Airlines Again. If you know someone who uses a power chair, email American Airlines and let them know what ogres they are

One week ago, I checked-in for what was supposed to have been my first flight since March — a 900-mile American Airlines flight from Gainesville, Florida (GNV) to Dallas, Texas (DFW). The route is a familiar one to me and I flew it most recently in February. It is operated by a CRJ-700 aircraft, a type that I have flown well over 50 times with a power wheelchair across a variety of airlines, including 21 times with American.

Check-in was appearing to go as normal, with my boarding pass printed and my luggage tagged and placed on the conveyor belt. The American Airlines supervisor asked for the weight of my Permobil F3 power wheelchair and I responded, just as I always have, with 450 pounds.

After providing this information, the supervisor retreated to his office to “check on something” — the first sign that this was not going to be a typical flight experience. After about 5 minutes, he returned to tell me that American Airlines had instituted a new policy and that my wheelchair was now too heavy to fly on any of its regional aircraft. The airline refused to transport me to Dallas or on to my final destination of Roswell, New Mexico.

Affected Michigan Airports:
FNT — Bishop International Airport
GRR — Gerald R. Ford International Airport
AZO — Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport
LAN* — Capital Region International Airport
MQT — Sawyer International Airport
TVC — Cherry Capital Airport

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