Another casualty of COVID: testing for lead poisoning in Michigan

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Flaking off of porch posts, the muted yellow paint is hardly noticeable on this bright autumn day as 8-year-old Lloyd Toliver tosses a football in the front yard and his baby brother, Ean, watches a brilliant blue sky from his grandmother’s arms.

But paint like this on this fourth-generation home can carry poison for these two boys. Particles of lead-based paint slough off into the air, fall to the floor and can be inhaled by children or swallowed by toddlers — disrupting the brain and leading to possible learning difficultiesmental health issuesaggression or behavioral problems. In rare cases, it can kill.

In a pandemic year, though, the precious little attention that Michigan public health agencies pay to such hazards has dwindled even further.

In a five-month period — from March through July — lead testing was performed on just over 32,000 children in Michigan. That’s half the number of children tested when compared to the same months in previous years.

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