Turning the Spotlight, Celebrating the Good Work!: Meet Frank Vaca!

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Frank is a Self-Advocate, Sexuality Educator, Peer Mentor, and Elevatus Training Advisory Board member. Continue reading to learn more about Frank… 

Frank, tell us a little bit about yourself. 
“I’m a self-advocate with intersectionality of LGBTQ+ issues and autism. I really enjoy helping spread the word about the great products of Elevatus Training. I’m a Sexuality Educator for the Michigan Developmental Disability Council and part of the Leadership Development opportunity with the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition. I’m also a peer mentor on the side. When called upon by Mary Shehan-Boogaard of the Development Council, I’ve talked about how having a sexuality education curriculum is a must that is inclusive to all people with disabilities.

Why is the Elevatus Training mission meaningful to you?
(Mission: To empower, motivate, and educate self-advocates, professionals and parents, to gain confidence, comfort, knowledge and skills to teach and talk openly about sexuality which will enable people with developmental disabilities to lead sexually healthy lives.)
The Elevatus Training mission is meaningful to me because knowledge breaks down stereotypes and raises self-awareness to be autonomous.

Tell us a little bit about your interests, passions, and hobbies include:
“Advocating, public speaking, creating digital art, reading, and watching empowering stuff.”

What’s a tip you would like to share for self-advocates, parents and/or professionals about addressing sexuality?
“Keep an open mind and perspective that your child appreciates you taking time to educate them.”

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