My Experience With Botox for Migraines

By Nicole Rios: For Entire Post, Go Here…

For years I knew Botox was a treatment option for migraines but I avoided it. For some reason, I never thought it was necessary for me. I only knew of one person who got it and she said it helped her out a great deal. Who knew it was the secret waiting to improve my quality of life.

I’ve always been a very headache-y person. Even back in high school I remember vividly having headaches almost daily after school.

The migraines started later in life, before my lupus diagnosis. While sometimes they’d come out of the blue or I’d wake up with them, other times I’d see them coming. From a neurologist’s suggestion, I learned some of my “triggers” such as weather changes (specifically, drops in barometric pressure and incoming storms), hormonal changes and dairy. 

(A) friend of mine said she got Botox for migraines and it was life-changing. Hearing it from a friend made me feel much better about trying it so I made an appointment with another neurologist (because mine doesn’t do them). I desperately wanted to cancel the appointment because:

A) I have an irrational fear of new medications (even though Botox is so common).

B) It’s pretty far away and my appointment was during rush hour.

C) And most of all, I had a migraine.

After some convincing that this may actually help me, and a blindfold, I laid back for the ride.

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