Autcraft — Building a Haven for the Autistic on Minecraft

By Max Gorynski: For Entire Post, Go Here…

Or ‘A Census of a Better World’.

There will be those of you who have begun your journey through this article — a journey predestined for a violent end, I’m afraid — with a certain feeling of demiverachtung; “little contempt”, the sentiment many feel when they have begun reading an online article in spite of, or indeed because of, the fact that they are fairly sure that its subject, or one aspect of its subject, is to some degree beneath them. “What a choice of topic focus”, perhaps you scoffed…

“ …Minecraft. And relative to such a serious topic as autism”

For those of you to whom this description applies, and to whom demiverachtung currently attaches itself, your conception of what Minecraft is will be roughly demonstrated by the first video posted beneath this introductory paragraph, in which a user navigates a crude pyramid.

The complication I would venture to mix with that initial conception is contained within the second video, posted beneath the first, in which another user constructs their own pyramid.

Excuse the soundtrack.

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