Tinnitus & Crickets

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Like a lot of folks I live with Tinnitus. You know, that continual ringing in the ears. Well, the other day we were out for a walk and a sit-down in our local park and the subject of Crickets came up.

“How’s that,” you say?

Well, yeah. We were sitting there and I realized I wasn’t hearing crickets, what I was hearing was louder than the crickets, it was my tinnitus.

Now, there’s nothing I have ever considered to be painful about tinnitus but I can see how in extreme cases it might be just that. It is certainly annoying at times, this continuous noise in one’s head.

I can’t really remember not having it. And while there are versions of the condition that have causes that can be addressed to minimize or end the ringing in my case it’s just who I am and I’m pretty much grown accustomed to it. You get used to is and one’s brain doesn’t so much block it out as just learns to ignore it.

Until something happens to distract you. I can be out and about and never notice the ringing until I try to hear something in particular and then the ringing comes to the fore and I’ll be doggone if what I’m trying to focus on becomes harder to hear.

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