This Mayo Clinic Database Makes It Easy To Shop for Sensitive Skin-Friendly Products

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Those with sensitive skin know all too well the mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation they feel when trying out a new beauty product. The first step is finding a product that doesn’t irritate your skin. Only then can you figure out if the product is actually doing what you need it to do. To take some of the guess work out of the process, the Mayo Clinic and Her Inc. developed SkinSafe, a searchable database of beauty products that shows which products have potential skin allergens or irritants. And in a new partnership with CVS, you can also look at the ingredients of drugstore beauty products.

“SkinSAFE is designed for health-conscious consumers and skin allergy sufferers of contact dermatitis,” reads the SkinSafe website. “If you suspect you have skin sensitivities or skin allergies, using SkinSAFE can help you to avoid common allergens found in many skin-care products today. If you have been patch tested and your doctor has generated a PAC (Personal Allergy Code) for your specific allergens then you can personalize SkinSAFE to generate a ‘Safe for Me’ product list just for you.”

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