Bills to wipe criminal records clean pass Michigan Legislature

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The package is expected to significantly improve access to housing and employment for people who have remained crime-free for years but who carry felony or misdemeanor charges.

Bills that would likely make hundreds of thousands more Michiganders eligible to have their criminal records wiped clean passed the state House Thursday with bipartisan support. They are now on their way to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s desk, where they are expected to be signed into law. 

The package would dramatically change Michigan’s system for expunging criminal records. Advocates say it would increase opportunities for employment and housing to many who have previously struggled while carrying old convictions despite years of staying out of the criminal justice system. 

“Making expungement cheaper, easier and available to more residents than ever before will remove the barriers that hold too many people back,” Rep. Graham Filler, R-DeWitt, said in a statement Thursday. 

“This will change lives for the better by giving people access to the well-paying jobs they have always dreamed about, financing options so they can buy a home for their family and the educational opportunities they need to better their future.”

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