Family Advocacy for Nursing Home Residents During COVID-19

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Although many aspects of nursing home life have changed since the COVID-19 crisis began, the right to expect quality individualized care has not. Facilities are still required to provide the care and services your loved one needs to reach his or her highest level of well-being. Additionally, you can continue to advocate for and be an active partner in ensuring quality care for your family member.

In this fact sheet, we describe what you can do to advocate for your loved one and for all residents in your area, your state, and nationwide.

Individual Advocacy

In General
• Monitor your loved one’s condition and status.

 Try to arrange opportunities to see your loved one physically, either in-person indoors
or outdoors, through video conferencing with FaceTime or Skype, or through a window
visit. If that is not possible, ask facility staff to take a picture of your loved one and send
it to you. These approaches will give you some idea of how your loved one is doing. For
instance, has he/she lost weight? Does he/she appear dehydrated? Is he/she well
groomed? Dressed in clean clothes?

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