Forced Sterilizations in America

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Recent report from Georgia ICE facility shows this shameful eugenics tactic is still being employed.

bombshell report hit the airwaves today detailing shocking events that have allegedly been taking place at an ICE detention center in Georgia. A whistleblower account from a nurse, identified as Dawn Wooten, claims that immigrants in the facility where she works have been subjected to horrific levels of medical neglect, and that the women there are routinely being given hysterectomies while being misinformed about the procedures they are agreeing to. The Intercept reported that Wooten was reprimanded and demoted for attempting to alert people about these events. All of this information should appall you.

If true, this would amount to a practice of forced sterilization, a eugenics method of controlling “undesirable” populations that sadly the United States has a disturbing history with. When people think of eugenics, they typically associate it with Nazi Germany, not America. But the truth is America adopted the process and used it for decades to sterilize thousands upon thousands of minority and immigrant men and women, along with thousands of people deemed mentally deficient or ill. It’s supposed to have been made illegal since the 1980’s, but some states have since continued to find loopholes to continue the shameful and racially motivated method of population control, mostly in prisons.

This report surfacing now is less shocking considering the ties the current presidential administration has shown to white nationalist movements and that Stephen Miller is already known to be directing ICE leadership based on white supremacist language and goals, including wanting to make immigrants look more like criminals. It just makes sense logistically that an administration willing to torture immigrant families by separating children from their parents and keep them locked up in cages would also be willing to stoop to forced sterilizations.

Of course, the official word from the ICE leadership as of today is that this report is untrue, and that the media shouldn’t listen to whistleblowers. Undoubtedly, Trump would call this report the work of a “leaker” who should be punished for her disloyalty. We already know how Trump is going to respond to this news. He is going to deny it and call it more “fake news” from the liberal media. But a simple look through America’s past should tell you we’ve been down this road before.

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