The Thoughtful Vegetable: Bleeding Blood

By Angela Ronson: For Entire Post, Go Here…

I was bleeding blood.

I bled so much that I required a transfusion. It was a closed wound injury, so blood was never seen.  I just know it ran down my neck.  I must have passed it.  I was in a coma and did not see.
“Blood ran down your neck,”  I heard. This is unusual. In a brain bleed, pressure builds, the brain is smashed down, and with enough blood, the person dies.

There’s a bad brain bleed; stroke. The  person is almost dead. There’s a blood vessel defect. Some time passes and there is another bleed. The person passes away this time.

I’m the first sentence. I then broke the cycle. I found a place that would repairdamage and remove the defect. Stanford did it and no one else. There wasn’t another bleed. I wouldn’t die from that.

I was in a coma. As far as I know, the time that I had my eyes closed and it appeared that I slept for over a month, I was in a coma.

I am functioning between the following two people who had Locked-In Syndrome. First is Martin Pistorius aka ‘ghost boy.’ He had a neurological disorder of unknown  origin. 
People had no clue that he was in there.

At the other end of my spectrum is Kate Allatt. She speaks now.

It feels like a hundred years. Actually, it will only be 18 years in December since I had the stroke. It has now been 16 years since I had the surgery that saved my life. It did a little 
more than save my life. I now write this. 

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