MDHHS launches streamlined renewal forms making it simpler to keep critical benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Project Re:New improves client experience across four largest assistance programs
as more families and individuals need help.

The benefits renewal process is now simpler for roughly two million food, health care, child care and cash assistance clients with the roll out of new, streamlined benefits renewal forms, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced today. Now, Michigan is the first state to have this kind of streamlined application and renewal in print and online.

Project Re:New, a collaboration between MDHHS and Detroit-based Civilla, began in 2018
and spans the department’s four largest assistance programs. The changes will help MDHHS
serve Michigan residents and families better and faster during the COVID-19 pandemic – a
crisis that has left federal agencies and some state governments struggling to reduce
application or renewal backlogs, and handle more hotline traffic across assistance programs
that are a temporary lifeline for many residents.

“Life today is more stressful and complicated than ever. That’s why it’s as urgent as ever to
simplify the way we deliver benefits – to treat people with dignity, meet them where they are,
and take as little as possible of their time,” said Robert Gordon, director of MDHHS.

Project Re:New follows the 2018 launch of a simplified application that was also completed in
collaboration with Civilla through an effort called Project Re:Form.

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