How I Got Approved for Disability from Toxic Mold

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I was exposed to toxic black mold in an enclosed apartment that I rarely left for years. I got approved for Social Security disability with a Fully Favorable Decision at age 39 and I wanted to share what I learned.

Even though I hired an attorney, she was useless and told me often: “I will get to it when I can.”

So, I began researching The Sleepy Girl Guide to Social Security Disability. I wouldn’t have gotten disability benefits without this site. Words cannot express how much I appreciate all the writing and stories here. I found the following tips helpful:


 I requested that my primary care doctor fill out a Physical RFC Form on my behalf. How to Get a Great RFC Function Form

 I also requested that my psychologist fill out a Mental RFC Form on my behalf. Sample Physical & Mental RFC forms


I asked my attorney if it would help my case if I made a dire needs request. She told me, “no.” I did it anyway.

After I made these requests, I got a quick response and my hearing was scheduled faster. In my approval letter, the judge wrote: “This is a case is of Congressional Interest and is considered a Dire Need Critical Case”

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