Twitter is finally helping people shut out “reply guys”

By Shirin Ghaffary: For Entire Post, Go Here…

You can now limit who is allowed to respond to your tweets, which Twitter says is helping reduce harassment.

If you’re on Twitter — and especially if you’re a woman on Twitter — you’re probably well aware of the “reply guy” phenomenon.

It goes something like this: You post something on Twitter — a joke, a fact, a personal story — and you get a bunch of unhelpful, distracting, and sometimes hateful replies alongside the thoughtful responses to your original tweet.

Twitter is rolling out a new feature today that it has been testing since May to help people shut out reply guys and other unwanted interactions on the platform. Now, when you tweet, you can limit who can reply to either the people you follow or the people you mention (by tagging their handle with the @ tag) in the tweet. People who can’t reply can still view, share, and “like” the tweets you limit replies on.

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