Tips for Applying for Both Social Security and Long Term Disability

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Social Security is a different form of disability than Long Term Disability. We cannot stress this enough: YOU MUST APPLY FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY ALSO.

In most cases, your Long Term Disability will force you to apply for Social Security, so this will happen no matter what. However, we have heard from some readers who were appealing their Long Term Disability cases and put so much of their attention into the LTD that they waited never applied for Social Security. This can be a disastrous mistake. Please apply for both.

Many people lose their LTD at the two year point. And many people take 2-3 years to get approved for Social Security. If you do some quick math there, you’ll see why you want to get your application in as soon as possible.

Two Checks Sounds Good!

Some people stay on long term disability for the long term (make the name a bit more appropriate). They collect both LTD and Social Security.

This is not as exciting as it sounds. You will need to read your insurance policy, but for most people, Social Security does not mean any additional money, since anything you receive just gets subtracted from your LTD check. This is called an “offset.”

One little bright spot is that Social Security will give you Medicare.

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