Webinar: Navigating the Medicaid Fair Hearing Process in Managed Care

From The Mental Health Association in Michigan: For More Info, Go Here…

Where: Zoom
Cost: FREE
Presenter:  Kyle Williams, Director of Litigation Strategies, Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc.

The Mental Health Association in Michigan is inviting you to a FREE webinar being held on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 10:00 AM via ZOOM so you can learn more about how to advocate for yourself or your loved one in the community mental health system when a service is being terminated, denied or suspended.  This session will feature Kyle Williams, Attorney and Litigation, Director for Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) who will talk about your rights to request a level one appeal and a Medicaid Fair Hearing when a Medicaid-covered service is being changed or terminated or denied.  The process also pertains to the MICHOICE Waiver program and to MI Health Link (Medicaid Benefits Only) in addition to the community mental health services providers (CMH) and the Pre-Paid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPS).

Have you or your loved one/friend lost an important service or had a service denied, reduced, or terminated or suspended by a community mental health services provider?

Do you disagree with the change in your service but do not know how to let your CMH (community mental health services provider) know that you disagree with the decision?

Do you know what it means to have rights to “due process?”

Do you know when you have a right to challenge the decision?”  For example, some changes don’t give you a right to a hearing, such as taking away your right to participate in self-determination.

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