How COVID Revealed The Truth About the Digital Divide?

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Broadly, the “digital divide” refers to the gap between those included in the benefits of online technology, and those who are not. The divide impacts access to education, information, health & wellness services, programs, and of course connection to other people.

The pandemic exposed 3 important sources that limit digital inclusiveness:

  • financial vulnerability
  • rural and disconnected
  • lower digital skills

Over the past few months most of us have experienced a greater reliance on our internet connections, our devices and digital skills since sheltering in place became the new norm. We work, we learn, we connect with family, play games, celebrate milestones, share memories, and discuss rapidly changing current events. We have heard that many low-income seniors who have not previously been interested in technology now want to get laptops or tablets for the first time. But they need help acquiring a device, navigating the costs of a first-time internet subscription, setting up email and social accounts, and learning to use new apps.

There is a great deal of interest from diverse organizations in addressing the digital divide, but it is messy, and complex, and requires a commitment from different organizations to traverse different barriers.

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