There Is No Justice Without Disability

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There Is No Justice Without Disability

It’s time to expand the definition of justice. Around the globe, people living with disabilities experience inequality in all its forms. To build a world where everyone is equal, we need to recognize how disability interconnects with the issues of social justice and follow the lead of the individuals at the center of the fight.

By centering intersectionality and the voices of those most marginalized—from people of color and queer to immigrants and indigenous people—disability justice encourages us to see how society’s diverse systems of oppression reinforce each other and affect every member of the disability community.

Ending inequality is a shared struggle, and only by working together will we remove the obstacles ahead and create a future of opportunity for all.

Leaders from across the disability community share their views on disability and why an intersectional approach is needed.

Featuring interviews and footage of Jane Akinyi, Rabia Belt, Lawrence Carter-Long, Rebecca Cokley, Dessa Cosma, Ryan Easterly, Claudia Gordon, Keri Gray, Sara Minkara, Maddy Ruvolo, Alice Sheppard, and Alice Wong.

We Are Building Inclusive Social Justice Communities (video)

Special thanks to Detroit Disability Power for allowing us to use its Guiding Principles.

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