The ADAPT Activist Handbook

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Participating in an ADAPT action can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but sometimes people aren’t sure what they should do. This guide was prepared by seasoned ADAPT activists to answer your questions.

If you haven’t been to a national ADAPT action before OR you haven’t been to a Legal meeting in the past two years, you MUST attend the Legal Meeting that is held at the beginning of the action. At that meeting, experienced ADAPTers tell you everything you need to know and answer your questions. Reading this booklet does not substitute for attending the Legal Meeting. Even if you’ve been involved with ADAPT for years, you are expected to attend this meeting for a “refresher”, assist with the training, and to welcome new activists!

Before the Action begins, you must turn in your Emergency Form to the ADAPT leadership. Although this form is used during the arrest process, it doesn’t matter whether you intend to get arrested because this form is used for medical and other emergencies as well.

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