A Beginner’s Guide to ADA Website Accessibility Compliance

By Kim Krause Berg: For More Info, Go Here…

Learn about inclusive design and how to optimize your website for ADA compliance with this beginner’s guide to accessibility.

The lack of websites and mobile apps that pass accessibility compliance standards was disappointing news for accessibility advocates.

When schools and businesses closed due to COVID-19, the public turned to the web for supplies, services, education, information, and access to their jobs.

What they discovered were websites and apps they could not use.

A determined, frustrated mother of two autistic children who continued their schoolwork at home described to me how her children struggled to understand their teachers’ assignments.

At school trained teachers assisted her children and their classmates.

At home, not only were the websites for school lessons confusing to use, but the teachers themselves wrestled with badly designed learning sites and found themselves playing the role of tech support.

Elsewhere around the world the public was suddenly placing orders with web apps or learning how to video chat with family members.

Employees were sent home to do their jobs.

Not only were employees unprepared for the transition to working from home, but the disabled or persons with impairments were left to fend for themselves.

Almost immediately it was glaringly clear that businesses and schools were not ready to meet the demand for accessible websites and software.

ADA accessibility lawsuits and compliant letters soared.

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