Reaching Victims July Newsletter

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The National Resource Center for Reaching Victims monthly newsletter is our opportunity to spotlight victim service organizations and their work; share promising practices and resources; and, engage more organizations in training. This month we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) , share tools and resources to help you meet the needs of victims with disabilities and Deaf victims, and highlight our upcoming virtual events.


Just Ask: A Toolkit to Help Advocates, Attorneys, and Law Enforcement Meet the Needs of Crime Victims with Disabilities

People with disabilities and Deaf people experience violent crime at three times the rate of people without disabilities, yet healing services and the legal system are often not accessible to them. There are a number of steps agencies can take to make their services more accessible and welcoming for survivors with disabilities and Deaf victims, including asking every victim if they need accommodations to participate in services or the legal system. 

Just Ask: A Toolkit to Help Advocates, Attorneys, and Law Enforcement Meet the Needs of Crime Victims with Disabilities  was created by the Center on Victimization at the Vera Institute of Justice in response to conversations with professionals working with survivors, many of whom are open to asking about accommodations, but don’t know how and are worried about saying the wrong thing.

The toolkit lays out four simple steps for providing accommodations to survivors with disabilities, and includes sample language you can use when talking to survivors. It also outlines what your agency needs to have in place for staff to be able to provide accommodations as soon as survivors request them.

Just Ask is comprised of three audience-specific toolkits: Advocate Toolkit ; Attorney and Prosecutor Toolkit ; and Law Enforcement Toolkit .Each toolkit includes a palm card, a quick reference guide, an agency readiness guide, a tip sheet, a poster, and a demonstration video . Download your toolkit today!

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