Strategies to Improve Treatment for Post-9/11 Veterans with Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders

by Eric R. Pedersen, Kathryn E. Bouskill, Stephanie Brooks Holliday, Jonathan Cantor, Sierra Smucker, Matthew L. Mizel, Lauren Skrabala, Aaron Kofner, Terri Tanielian: For More Info, Go Here…

Key Findings

  • Co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health disorders are common among post-9/11 veterans, but treatment facilities typically specialize in treating one type of disorder or the other.
  • Mental health treatment facilities often require veterans to abstain from substance use, but veterans may be using substances to manage their mental health symptoms.
  • Veterans who receive substance use treatment alone may be at risk for failing to meet their treatment goals if their mental health symptoms are not addressed.
  • Integrated, evidence-based approaches that address both substance use disorders and mental health disorders concurrently and provide ongoing support for recovery can improve outcomes for this population, but it is critical that veterans are able to access programs and facilities that are equipped to treat the veteran population.

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