These doctors and nurses volunteered to battle Covid-19 in the Navajo Nation, and came back with a warning

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  • These California doctors and nurses just returned from the Navajo Nation.
  • They say that Covid-19 is a “terrible virus” and we need to do more to protect our most vulnerable. 
  • Long-term solutions are needed, they say, including access to housing, transportation and clean water, as well as more supplies to treat Covid-19. 

A sense of isolation

One of the hallmarks of Covid-19, say the doctors and nurses, is the isolation that many patients experience. In their time with the Navajo Nation, they met with older, sick patients who didn’t speak English well. And it was difficult to communicate with them if a translator wasn’t available. 

Many were isolated from their family-members and didn’t have cellphones. Some patients were flown out to unfamiliar places, including to larger hospitals in other states, which only increased their sense of loneliness. Some of these patients ended up on ventilators, and no one could visit them in person without adequate protective gear. 

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