Smart tech used to create ‘virtual retirement community’

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Sparko has brought forward its plans to release a ‘virtual retirement community’ (VRC) in a bid to fight loneliness that many over-60s are experiencing as they self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company’s VRC aims to elevate quality of life for older people at a time when their normal lives are put on hold.

Its technology comes in the form of a box, connected to the user’s TV.

Key features include video calling, photo sharing, a library of content, live classes and custom notifications and reminders.

Sparko’s website says that it is easy to use, with members of the family capable of setting it up in minutes. They will alternatively send out a specialist.

“Our plan was to release our first Virtual Retirement Community at the end of this year,” said Moti Bari, founder of Sparko VRC.

He continued: “But, with over-60s now being advised to self-isolate for a considerable period of time, we felt we had a social responsibility to launch straight away. The over-60s cannot be disconnected due to the coronavirus.”

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