OmniSci Powers New Website Enabling Public to View House-by-House Information On Flint Water Crisis

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Created by OmniSci Partner BlueConduit, Site Reveals Analysis that Dramatically Improved Hit-Rates for Lead Pipe Replacement Program; Future Predictions, Repair Updates Included.

OmniSci, the pioneer in accelerated analytics, working in close partnership with water infrastructure analytics consulting companyBlueConduit, today announced the debut of Flint Service Line Map (, a public website that maps up-to-date information about residential water service line replacements in the city of Flint, Michigan. These water service lines are the pipes that deliver each home their water. If the pipes are made of lead, they can contaminate that home’s water with lead. The problem: Flint, like most other cities, did not know exactly which pipes were lead. Presented in house-by-house detail, the map allows residents to easily find out about their known or likely water service line material, along with repair dates and other useful information.

Flint Service Line Map is the first site to utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict, with high accuracy, the incidence of lead pipes in residential service water lines. The site is provided as a public service and shows the same assessment and status information used by contractors in the city’s FAST Start pipe replacement program. Residential properties are color-coded individually, according to likelihood for having lead service pipes. Clicking on a location reveals street address, pipe verification date, repair updates and links to pertinent city information. BlueConduit collaborated with NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), one of the country’s leading environmental organizations, to ensure the map adhered to best practices in public health communication.

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