Disabled Peoples’ Lives Have Value

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Michael Hickson was a quadriplegic with a brain injury who was refused treatment for COVID 19 that he acquired in a local nursing home.  Mr Hickson died on 6-11-20.  ADAPT of Texas has long been concerned about the devaluation and resulting lack of care for people with disabilities, especially in this pandemic.  As cases rise in Austin and hospitals fill, the threat grows greater.  More just triage plans are available and being used elsewhere, but will Austin in general, and St David’s South Austin Medical Center in particular care enough to do anything about this?   

Our hearts go out to Mr Hickon’s family, who were apparently left out of the decision.  

ADAPT has long battled against Texas’ draconian laws regarding end of life decisions and their disregard for people with disabilities and their families.  People with disabilities and their families know best.




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